The Matt Smith years – every single word


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DWM #470So, what’s this above? Something I forgot about until just now, actually.

When writing my piece for DWM #470The Matt Smith Tapes (a compilation of all my mostly unpublished interviews with the chap himself) I – as is my habit – tried to also assemble some visual materials to accompany the feature. In the event, aside from the Sun and Mirror spreads that ran alongside my chat with former Doctor Who PR Kerry Parker, none were used. Unsurprisingly; it was mainly scans of things like press releases and lanyards. Things one could most kindly describe as ‘texture’.

Thinking a little latterly, though, I did also produce some Wordle ‘art’ which I thought could possibly be knocked back to provide some kind of interesting backdrop to sit behind my text. Or something. Text behind text? Maybe not.

Anyway, said art was produced by inputting all the Eleventh Doctor transcripts from this site into Wordle. The idea being, once I stripped out a few directional terms (“V/O” or whatever) it would give a visual overview of the preoccupations of the Matt Smith era.

Here’s the same idea in a different orientation. Anyone else getting the Band Aid logo here? Click on the image to see it full-size…

Anyone else getting the Band Aid logo here?

Click on the image for a full-size version

I also worked-up an afterword, which, in the end (follow the trend) also wasn’t used. Within which were some ‘fun’ facts that probably would have been a massive pain in the arse for Tom and the team to verify. I think I counted correctly, however. But take the following on face value…

The trawl of the Eleventh

Essential – maybe –  stats from the Matt Smith era complied by our own WOTAN* computer

 “Geronimo!” – Exclamation made by the Doctor a pleasing 11 times [if we don’t count The End of Time part two], also once each by Amy Pond, Craig Owens and River Song

Cool – Bow ties are emphatically cool (the Doctor tells us this five times) but so are fezzes, Stetsons, bunk beds, glasses and an office on a train.

Not cool – Monks and, according to The Time of the Doctor, “Cool is not cool”.

“Silence will fall” – We’re told 12 times.

Jammy dodgers – Deployed only in two episodes (Victory of the Daleks and The Bells of Saint John) and asked for, again, in two episodes (The Impossible Astronaut and Night Terrors).

“Spoilers!” – Of which we are warned 10 times.

“Doctor who?!” – The first question, the question that must never be answered and is hidden in plain sight, is actually posited 38 times.

Kisses Is there a lot of this in the future?” It does start to happen, yeah, with the Doctor initiating 16 instances of lip-puckering (four with River – albeit one is with her apparition in The Name of the Doctorthree with Clara, two with Amy, then pecks for Madge Arwell in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Ada from The Crimson Horror, Tasha Lem in The Time of the Doctor, a Barbie doll in Cold War, plus Rory, Strax and Jenny).

Air-kissing – Employed by our hero six times (to Craig, Sophie and Sean from Craig’s football team in The Lodger, Claire in Night Terrors, Val in Closing Time and Clara’s gran in The Time of the Doctor).

Gerroff! – The Time Lord is kissed on 10 occasions (three from River, and then a smooch – actually, more than one but we weren’t there – from Marilyn Monroe, Amy, Idris, Rory, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Clara, and the Mr Punch puppet in The Snowmen).

*WOTAN – We’re Obviously Too Amazed by Numbers

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