SFX-ual dealing

"Haw haw! That's wan small zap for man!"
SFX SFXForgive the headline. As you’re about to see, dreadful puns give me pleasure.

A deviation from this blog’s remit, but after writing a piece for Stuart Ian Burns, I was reminded about two comic-strips I scripted for a couple of SFX magazine special editions.

This was circa 2010. I honestly cannot remember how/why these came to be. I am certain I pitched the Whizzer & Chips-style concept, though, because I’m only ever one or two ideas away from that. And I suggested Simon Perrins to draw it (here’s his take on that), because he’d done a few other things for me in the past, but never for any money. So, aside from him ‘getting’ what it was about, I was keen he should  finally be paid for one of my projects. I think he did a terrific job.

Look, I know the whole thing is really just a laboured gag, but it was still hugely fulfilling to see my words realised like this. Particularly with the extra bits of business Simon put in. The first was done in two-colour, British weekly style…

Page 1Page 2
Click to enlarge

A year later, SFX were producing a follow-up publication. Was I interested in doing another instalment? I was, and luckily, so was Simon (again, here’s how he wrote about that). This time, we went more Look-in-y. His colours are marvelous.

Page 1 (in colour!)Page 2 (in colour!)
Click to enlarge

And therein the tale ended. Seems like another time, now – those gags about how Rory was always killed off. And the Gangers! Who remembers them? Michty me!


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