New Series Prologue/The Doctor’s Meditation

New Series Prologue/The Doctor's Meditation TARDISGosh, I’d forgotten I’d done this.

A little addendum added to The Magician’s review suggested by Tom Splisbury (DWM editor). This is from  DWM #492.

DWM #492

Grammar pedants, rejoice! As the promotions began for this year’s run of Doctor Who, the now customary video short, foreshadowing events to come, was at last correctly billed as a ‘prologue’ rather than a ‘prequel’ (which can only be so if it’s released after its related feature but set before it).

This two-minute scene on Karn was actually a cut from The Magician’s Apprentice, where it was originally sequenced after the shot of the Doctor lurking in the shadows. It’s perhaps better served here, its removal leaving the Time Lord in a more enigmatic place in the finished episode, while it works well as a tease outside those environs. More importantly, we should give thanks it exists because it features the reuse of one of Steven Moffat’s greatest-ever lines.

Created to accompany 3D screenings of Dark Water/Death in Heaven in the US, The Doctor’s Meditation is a more substantial production, running to just over six and a half minutes. As is Moffat’s way, it presents us with an already established friendship, which we haven’t seen before – the Doctor and Bors. Although the piece initially takes a sombre tone, this quickly gives way to farce, and our hero’s understandable procrastination in addressing the peril that lies ahead. Moreover, it provides some context for the series’ obscure opening episode title, with our hero, in full-on Tommy Cooper mode, insisting, “I’m really a very good magician.”


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