Hell Bent

Hell Bent
Still chugging through
 DWM #494. And it strikes me a lot of writing about Doctor Who – and not just my writing about it – comes to rest upon the notion that the series is forever moving forward. That new things are coming. Is that simply because it’s the promise of the format, or because we (still!) like continual reassurance there’s more to follow?
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Sleep No More

Sleep No MoreTARDIS
I loved
Sleep No More. I proselytised about it to my wife, who doesn’t follow   Doctor Who. I made her watch it. I probably dropped horrendous knowing hints to friends – “Next Saturday’s is amazing” – and awaited the happy revelation for everyone that this series was just getting better and better…

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Tom Baker: “There’s always a bloody inquest”

Tom BakerIt’s Tom Baker’s birthday today, and people are joyously sharing Tom stories and interviews online. It’s prompted me to dig out my own Tom transcript, from 14 April, 2014.

Tom had been pressed into service to promote reruns of old Doctor Who episodes on The Horror Channel. After helming an uproarious roundtable (bits of which, I wrote up here), he did some quick one-to-one chats. So, I jumped in, double-banking quotes that could possibly be used in the huge poll that featured in DWM #474 (in the end, I don’t think any appeared) and running past him a Q&A feature for Total TV Guide, pertaining to various ‘firsts’ from his career.

Here, opportunistically, is the full transcript, and note how he off-handedly seems to want to bring the interview to a close. But then carries on in fine form anyway.

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The Underwater Menace

The Underwater MenaceDVDThe last ever Doctor Who DVD release… maybe. So it was terrific to get to write about it. Perhaps I could have played on that element a little more, but this was one of those reviews where I seemed to reach my word count fairly swiftly.

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The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

The Zygon InvasionTARDIS
I blame me. I genuinely didn’t ‘get’ the Doctor’s speech at the end of this story. And I still don’t. I’ve had another look, and it continues to feel over-written and stagy. Yet I don’t doubt its power, because I’ve since seen so many people  demonstrating how moving they found it, which is truly delightful. But… it  leaves me cold. Perhaps I am cold.

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